MWMB 72: Outta Control!

February 19, 2017


It's all OUTTA CONTROL...  Trump blasts the news media, his cabinet leaks like a sieve.  Jim finds solace in his box-o-wine while Alex looks to the most unlikely hero to save us: A Squirrel from Idaho.  By the way... turning to a squirrel to help Trump out in national security is not a new idea.  We addressed the CIA's use of animals already in our Acoustic Kitty show! 

(If you'd prefer to watch, this episode is also on YouTube...  )


MWMB 71: #Hashtag

February 15, 2017



Jim and Alex are back... we've been experiementing with video, and while the results have been disapointing, we have not managed to break a camera yet.  

But, we'll up load em here, too .  Have fun!


MWMB: A Moment with the Hammer MAN BUN!

October 13, 2016


Jim the Hammer is back with a (totally non-political) rant for this election hell.  
Meanwhile, Alex Geofferies remains mired in government paperwork while Cabbage Patch Geoff is teaching finger painting to owls.

MWMB: A Moment with the Hammer, Part 2

April 15, 2016


The rest of the gang is still laid up, so Jim is taking it upon himself to carry on the finest traditions of MWMB BY HIMSELF!!!!  (And then turn it over to Alex to produce)...  this week, the one-man conservative juggernaut skewers our old and bestest friend: North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un. 
Don't miss it!

MWMB: A Moment with The Hammer

April 10, 2016


With Alex working overtime, Cabbage Patch Geoff recovering from his heroic struggle with the alligator in the kitchen and Jennifer Sargent on vacation in the Ivory Coast- it's been kinda lonely at the MWMB studios. So, The Hammer took it upon himself to spend some time with you, dear listeners, and share a few moments offering a few thoughts of peace and harmony.

MWMB 66: Wingnuts

February 21, 2016


This week Jim and Alex are baffled by the latest conspiracies of the right wingnuts.  (As opposed to the left wingnuts, a target for another show.) Is it possible that Obama had Scalia killed?  Is it also possible that Leonard Nimoy has faked his own death in order to don the mantle of president of the Illuminati?  Also, Alex takes yet ANOTHER swipe at Canada, and yet Jim notes that a new "Immigrate to Canada" website has become so popular that the provincial government has had to take over the site.

MWMB 65: Want Fries With That?

February 13, 2016


Jim and Alex are at it again.  This week we bid a fond farewell to Chris Christie, the only one in the GOP Clown Car who was qualified to drive. Jim gets a new Captain Canuck comic book (apparently, it's for real!)  A poor innocent guy from India makes the history books in a VERY unpleasant way. And Florida explores a new form of currency to replace the dollar.  Take a listen, and see why we called it: "Want Fries With That?"


MWMB 63: Planet 9

January 30, 2016


This week Jim considers Oregon, dinner escapes from the Cabbage Patch Cafe and causes a panic, Carly Fiorina is doing so bad and, when this kid was pulled over by the cops and asked to show some ID...well, let's just say it happened in Florida and leave it at that.  Plus Trump! And, NASA finds a new far away from the sun, elections would only happen once in 40 years!  We want to go to there...MWMB_TitleCard_63.jpg

MWMB 62: Make America Great Again!

January 21, 2016

This week Jim and Alex learn about a new robot cat, follow the debate in England about not allowing Trump in, ever! And learn that North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un has made an AMAZING discovery that will change life as we know it.  PLUS Cabbage Patch Geoff is back!  WhooHoo.