MWMB 61: Feduciary Droop!

January 16, 2016

Jim the Hammer and Alex Geofferies return for another episode of MWMB. Our first since July 4th. 
We'll admit, it takes us a while to get into the swing of things, but with the Presidential race, the upcoming Hall-Murdoch wedding, and the usual dose of criminal insanity from Florida, we've got a lot of material to work with.  Many thanks to NPR commentator, The Origional DB, for what has to be one of the funniest comments all week, and the source of our episode's title this week! 

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MWMB 60: Happy Canada Day!

July 4, 2015


In honor of Jim's Canadian Exile, we celebrate "Canada Day"...

This week, as we in America celebrate the Glorious Fourth, which marks the day we violently wrested our independence from our overbearing Mother Country, our Canadian siblings are ALSO celebrating the day when their years of patient waiting paid off, and Mother finally told them it would be okay if they got an apartment with their friends.   Mother always did like them best...spoiled little brats.



MWMB 59d: the day the bacon died

June 29, 2015


In the last (and yes, best) of our "Fun Sized" Episodes, we talk about two spectacular traffic accidents: a truck load of pigs AND a truck load of sharks.  And, we salute the school teacher who took her class on a filed a SEX SHOP. 



MWMB 59c: The Computer That Ate the News

June 29, 2015


Our Third "Fun Sized" episode.  We talk about Computer Generated News Stories, and Cabbage Patch Geoff sums up the week's news (which, because our producer was such a slacker is now two weeks old) into one song!  Whoo Hoo!


MWMB 59b: :Putin Up the Toy Train

June 28, 2015


In our last "Fun Sized" Episode, we talked about the Poll that says Lord Valdimort is ranking higher than many presidential candidates. 

 In this episode, we turn our eyes to International Politics.   It seems that Putin has a new toy train- and it packs quite the thermonuclear punch.  Plus, he stands up the Pope. 

Finally, we find out how some pasty white people REALLY Pissed off the Malaysian Mountain Gods!




Putin Keeps Pope Waiting, Gets Told Off by Francis on Ukraine

SOURCE: Bloomberg Business


DATE: 06/11/15


SOURCE: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation



MWMB 59a: A Poll Lotta Fun!

June 26, 2015


The team is back with a fresh show (that's been sitting in the can for almost two weeks.)  And, we're playing with a new format...shorter shows more often. 
In this episode we talk about one of the first significant Presidential which Valdimort is out-polling most of the Republicans, and the Shark from Jaws is out-polling ALL of the Democrats. 

Plus, we look back at a story from 2008 in which Hillary spend tons of money on what was perhaps the dumbest piece of political swag in U.S. History.

Turn up your speakers and have fun. 


MWMB 58: Don’t Pop the Bunny!

June 5, 2015

LISTEN- You won't believe what they did to that poor bunny...

In Episode 58, Congress Passes the USA Freedom Act and Right-Wingnut Rand Paul and Left-Wingnut Bernie Sanders aren't happy.  Meanwhile the NSA is looking at our grocery lists.
Next we take a look at FIFA, Sepp Blatter, Vladimir Putin, and wonder how a sport no REAL American cares about can bring the world to the brink of war.  Cabbage Patch Geoff has a front row seat and sings us song about the latest gathering of Republican Presidential's called "Clown Car".  In other, non-political events, we learn the results of a British Experiment has monkeys in it, so you know it's fun.  And then, we take note of the Animals who dominated the news- from a Pig in Michigan to a Rabbit in Denmark.  We don't make it comes to us in the news, and we bring it straight to you.
It's a good ride, so buckle up and have fun!

MWMB 57: Penguin Teeth

June 1, 2015


With Jim the Hammer out celebrating his birthday, Cabbage Patch Geoff sits in this week. He and Alex talk about Texas' psychitzophrenic relationship with the Federal Government.  (Which is also the subject of this week's song.) Because Alex didn't plan on a show this week until Geoff saved it at the last minute, Jennifer Sergeant and the Newsroom team got the week off, but Geoff and Alex still find plenty to talk about, including Penguin Teeth and Themed Funerals. Not to mention the Horror Show that is Denny Hastert.  And DON'T MISS the end...JIM and Alex do a reprise of the singing sailor story from Sweden...and this time, you get to hear the song we couldn't include originally...Jim singing Disco truly should NOT be missed...Have fun!


MWMB 56: No Sh— No Kidding!

May 22, 2015


No, seriously, download this show and turn on your speakers.  While it’s not the best of the best, it’s still got: the OTHER Baby Charlotte, Vladimir Putin on the Cross, a new Poll of American Voters says exactly what you’ve been thinking, a very ironic case of censorship in Israel, and a Bio Bus from England that all of our Presidential hopefuls could really get “behind”! See just why we called this episode: No S *# T !


MWMB 55: Happy Feet

May 18, 2015

LISTEN: This was one of the WEIRDEST weeks ever...

Download us and press play, because the news from last week was...mind numbingly odd.  Politicians, Right Wing Nuts jobs and ratings hungry media exploit the the victims of the Amtrak crash.  A Swedish Peace Groups puts a gay neon sign underwater for visiting Russian Subs.  You won't believe the job Saudi Arabia wants, and the Police Department in North Adams, Massachusetts?  Well...lets just say, their cells are FULL right now. Come back next week..

Plus, Cabbage Patch Geoff scores musically off Governor Skellitor of Florida and Jim The Hammer throws another Penguin on the fire....